Wholesale Telecom Outsourcing

Asiatel outsourcing brings in a decade long experience and expertise in handling wholesale carrier back office operations such as NOC inclusive of Routing, Interconnection, Carrier Testing, Monitoring & Reporting, Resolution, Tracking of Trouble Tickets. Besides the NOC services, we offer other back office support services such as rates operations and billing / invoicing,

The team has worked on multiple switches and our services are offered from our Manila delivery center. There is good access to NOC talent in Manila and with long history of operations, our internal process management is very streamlined. It is a good opportunity to get the high quality of services with price arbitrage

The services include:

1. Interconnection

2. Carrier Testing
   Testing the quality of routes – Manual / Live Traffic Test
   Failure Scenario : Trouble Ticketing
   Report submission

3. Routing

4. Monitoring of Traffic

5. NOC Customer Service
     Inbound / web chat support for CS
     Logging of trouble tickets
     Monitoring of trouble tickets
      Ensuring resolution by liaison with NOC team6. Rates Operations7. Invoicing / Billing 

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