26 Jul

The Rise of Creative Process Outsourcing in the Philippines

With its large pool of skilled manpower, lower operational cost and outstanding Filipino work ethics and values. Truly, Philippines is now one of the top choices for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Types of these business processes are classified as:

  • Call Centers
  • Knowledge Process Outsourcing
  • Back Offices
  • Software and Game development
  • Engineering design and Medical Transcription

Creative Process Outsourcing

But have you heard of Creative Process Outsourcing? Creative Process Outsourcing works the same as Business Process Outsourcing. But instead of outsourcing business processes like bookkeeping and other business functions, Creative outsourcing develops creative solutions for marketing and promotional requirements of its clients. These solutions include creation of promotional videos, print and digital media designs et al.

The Birth of Creative Process Outsourcing

Creative Process Outsourcing was born to help companies improve efficiency specifically in Marketing, Advertising and Brand Management in 1989. Companies began to outsource such functions that they are not capable of fulfilling in and for cost-saving purposes. Reportedly, the first two companies to outsource is America and India.

With Filipinos’ interminable creativity and skills, companies overseas are eyeing Philippines for its creative process offerings. Companies regardless of the size and nature are required to be equipped with the right creative design assistance as customer/client needs are constantly changing and enterprises need to stay on the spot to survive.

Asiatel Outsourcing sees the need and extends its outsourcing expertise, establishing Virtuoso Creative Solutions, a creative process outsourcing dedicated to provide creative design solutions for businesses of various size and nature. From the development of corporate identity, web design, print and digital media designs and web banners, Virtuoso Creative Solutions ensures to help you ace and be on top with designs that last.

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