Seat Leasing Service

Asiatel Outsourcing has been operating a contact center for more than a decade. Through the experience gained by providing outsourcing services to customers across countries and geographies, we have realized that no one size fits all and hence we have varied product offerings to meet the varied needs of our customers.

Seat Leasing (also known as seat lease) in one such product which is an important offering for SME customers/startups and those customers who wish to do a trial to test out the benefits of outsourcing.

Our solutions been developed to give you a complete bouquet of products which can be used as per the need of the customers

Seat Leasing Details

Under our seat leasing option, you take care of your employees, payrolls and local legal entity, and pay us a small fee per seat monthly to take care of the infrastructure services. Seat lease service inclusive of:

bullet2Plug and Play Workstations (Personal Computer, IP Phone and Headsets)
bullet2Access to common areas such as toilets & pantry
bullet2Access to conference rooms and meeting rooms subject to booking
bullet2Basic IT Support pertaining to our infrastructure
bullet2Fiber Optic Internet
bullet2VoIP (to be billed)
bullet2Recruitment Support ( to be billed)

Approximate Price: 150$ / seat for one shift of 9 hours

Prices vary based on 9 hours shift / 24*5 / 24*7 and can also depend the time zones

Office Supplies

Floor 1
Floor 2
Executive Rooms 1
lobby 2
pantry 1
Conference Room 2
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