Help Desk Outsourcing Services

Asiatel Outsourcing provides help desk support for both small and medium enterprises. Our teams can work on multiple platforms and are geared to deliver on the IT support needs of your enterprise.

The helpdesk support we provide falls under the following 3 levels:

Level 1 Support

This area offers a basic level of support. Helpdesk Level 1 typically provides basic support and troubleshooting, such as resetting of passwords, printer configurations, break/fix instructions, ticket routing, and escalation to Level 2 and Level 3 support.

Help Desk Outsourcing ServicesLevel 2 Support

Level 2 helpdesk would typically handle configuration issues, troubleshooting, software installations, and hardware repair (including coordinating depot services).

Level 3 Support

This is a customized program that we make for each company based on its needs and overall IT setup.

Open a dialogue and write to us and we can give you our plan for execution.