Creative Services

The ways to reach out to a customer are changing and with that design services have become a prominent part of marketing communications. At Asia Telecom, the end to end marketing and design of all our products and prepositions were done in-house, which led us to offering this as an outsourced service. This process is commonly known as Creative Process Outsourcing in the market.


Since the demand of our customers were rapidly increasing, Asiatel Outsourcing creates its own brand and division with named “Virtuoso Creatives”. Our aim is to provide an effective communication and great designs for every customer communication.

The Asiatel design team can take care of your following needs:

home-check Development of Corporate identity, logos, product logos
home-check Design of Retail and point of purchase marketing collaterals
home-check Corporate Presentations

home-check Emailers

home-check Design of brochures, leaflets and other product information materials
home-check Website design
home-check Print and digital ads
home-check Web banners & pop ups

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Print Design Samples

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