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Asiatel BPO can be your trusted partner for outsourcing business whether it is voice or non-voice projects. As a customer you get the benefit of our expertise related to outsourcing and you can thus focus on core aspects of your business.

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Outbound Sales

Asia Telecom can handle the gamut of outbound sales campaigns required to grow your business. We have long vintage of handling outbound sales. Within the sales process, we can offer a wide varierty of services to suit your requirements:

home-check Customer acquisition – B2B or B2C campaigns
home-check Appointment setting
home-check Qualifying the prospect and fixing an appointment with outside sales team of the client
home-check Cross sell of other products
home-check Reactivation of old customers
home-check Inside sales / specialized sales – Herein, we are referring to sales process that requires specialization or sophistication to make a sales or pre-sales for the clients. At Asia Telecom, we particularly handle these processes with right recruitment, right training and right calibration. These mandates are executed with innovative and disruptive organization structures needed to bring sales effectiveness.

The outbound sales can be complemented by email marketing to support and reinforce the conversation.


Any retail business has a critical function of managing collections. At Asia Telecom we understand that collections is a specialized business and the approach has to vary as we deal with different buckets of overdue / late payments. Our team leaders are well versed with strategies required as per the overall collection pool and its impending delays.

Inbound and Customer Service

Inbound calls and customer service have their own nuances as the customer calls may require a wide range of training to satisfy the customer in the shortest possible time. Our inbound teams rely on extensive training and building unique navigations to always present the information and right rebuttals to our agents engaging the customer.

We also realize that an in-bound is also a great opportunity to introduce new products or services to the customers. Our inbound teams of course work towards the primary goal at hand and at the same time look at avenue to cross sell or upsell other solutions to the customers.

Market Surveys

Market surveys can be divided into two parts – the first being done to enhance a target marketing approach. This is further to funnel down on a selected customer and gathering data to qualify the customer as an appropriate constituent of the target market. This information helps the field / outside sales team to effectively aim for closures on a pre-qualified prospect list.

The second market surveys pertains to market research companies, where by the surveys are executed on telephone using Computer Assisted Telephonic Interviews (CATI). The information of the survey can be maintained in a special application designed for the survey or the client can give us the web access of the specialized software used for the MR questionnaire.

Learning Center/Outsourcing Tutorials

Asia Telecom has worked with the education sector in last few years. Here other than sales or appointment fixing, there is a huge potential for outsourcing learning center or the tutorials. For example, the whole modules of Learning English or Learning a foreign language or special interventions on subjects such as Mathematics can be outsourced to us in form of tutorials. Asia Telecom can create a mini-outsourced institution based on your requirements. The steps involves:

home-check Joint assessment and recruitment of teachers
home-check Training of teachers on your modules
home-check Execution of tutorials and learning center to candidates

Here, it is important that the institute has the modules on web for seamless execution of mandate. If there are no web modules, our web team can help in making that go live as a one-time activity for our clients.

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