11 Jun

Design Outsourcing in the Philippines: Getting Your Stories Told

In today’s fast-paced digital era, professionals and businesses are now given limitless access to various creative and design mediums that as well let us explore fresh and quality ways and ideas to market our company’s brand and its service.

04 Jun

Finding the Perfect Seat Leasing: Things You Might Need to Consider

Putting up a business requires valuable time and resources. From identifying the location, aesthetics, recruitment of qualified members and securing local legal permits. This as well includes keeping up with utilities and payroll.

25 May

What is Outsourcing and how does it Actually Work?

Outsourcing is simply the process of obtaining a third-party institution to perform partial business functions instead of hiring an in-house employee or department.

19 Dec

Creative Process Outsourcing & Creative Services

With the phenomenal penetration and acceptance of Internet, the marketing of any business is going through a 180 degree shift. The growth of smart phones has altered the marketing space for ever.

07 Dec

Technical and Customer Support for Consumer Product Companies

With rapidly advancing technologies across industry, the landscape of consumer products has changed with more intricately technical products. The ones who was inclined towards new technology have an advantage in using these products.

22 Nov

VOIP Technical Support

VoIP is a big business. There are multiple categories of players catering to the wide ranging market. The players include Tier 1 Mobile carriers going down to Tier 3 carrier which cater to more fragmented and smaller market niches.

26 Oct

Technical Support Campaign

After sales support forms one of the most important basis for ensuring long term success of a business. As it is said “Happy customer is the best advertisement” and the converse is also true that a disgruntled customer can create a poor image of the company and its products....

23 Oct

Hybrid Chabot’s – The Future of Customer Service By Jas Anand

Technological changes are driving new frontiers in trade and industry. The new age businesses are creating a new level field across industries. The traditional business are facing competition and there has never been more need for innovation and nimbleness to hold on the market share.

09 Oct

Seat Leasing vs. Managed Operations (or Co-Sourcing)

As per article dated October 2, 2017 in Nikkei Asian Review, Philippines accounted for 12.6 % share in the global outsourcing market in 2016 and recorded revenues of US$ 23 Bn with direct employment to 1.3 million people.

20 Apr

Changing the (Sales) Conversation – One Car Ride at a Time

It was just another hectic sales prospecting trip for me into the German industrial heartland. As I hurriedly walked towards the taxi rank post arrival at Frankfurt, little did I know that I was about to be propositioned for a cab ride like I had never taken before.

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