14 Feb

How Much Do You Save by Outsourcing to the Philippines?

As a medium-sized business, you have to take into consideration that there are several expenses that are not necessary. The processes are important, but there are ways in which you can mitigate costs.

14 Feb

How Outsourcing for SMEs and Mid Corporates Can Benefit Businesses

It is a myth that only large corporations have the need to outsource. Anybody who is operating a business must, one way or another, outsource a job that eats time.

12 Feb

Growth Story of the Philippines Outsourcing Industry

Outsourcing was not the key strength of the Philippines back in the 1970s. It was agriculture, and the Philippines was once a top exporter of fruits and rice to many countries in the world.

12 Feb

Virtual Hiring in the Philippines: 3 Reasons to Consider Why it is Essential

Even if you are operating a small business and not a giant conglomerate, there are still good reasons to hire the support of virtual employees, or assistants, in the Philippines.

29 Oct

Telesales Techniques That Work

As we are all aware of, Telesales is now an ubiquitous activity that allows most companies to sell products and services through telephone conversation.

22 Oct

Outsourced Helpdesk Services: Why or Why Not?

There is nothing more frustrating than poor technical support in times of need.

10 Oct

Secrets To Successful Chat Support Experience

Unlike any other common voice call center practices, Chat Support attends to and resolves customer issues through chat, this saves customers from long waiting time just to speak with a representative.

02 Oct

Outsourced Help desk Services: Why or Why Not?

There is nothing more frustrating than poor technical support in times of need. Customer inquiries and issues are being relied to Customer Support but unfortunately, more companies are not yet fully equipped with help desk support solutions due to budget restrictions, this usually occurs with start-ups and SMEs.

24 Sep

Customer Service: Make It or Break It

No need to spend millions on Ads, good customer service will advertise for you. Advertisements can generate audiences but only good customer service will help maintain leads, nurture them and retain sales.

18 Sep

Here’s What You Need to Know About Data Entry Services

Large number of data sheets are added every day, these sheets are required to be synchronized so it can be used readily without any glitches, companies may find it exhausting to do so.

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