15 Feb

Stress Management Techniques for Work From Home Call Center Staff

The health risks brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic has forced big and small call center companies around the world to make an immediate change on its routines and structure. Work from home arrangement for employees have been made necessary to at least minimize exposure and prevent the transmission...

01 Feb

Qualities of the Best Call Center Partners in the Philippines

A business can only tell that outsourcing in the Philippines is a success when it has found the right outsourcing partner. Most companies that are new to the industry might have to jump between one call center to another before finding the right one that will meet its current...

25 Jan

Notes on Outsourcing NOC Services

I. As defined by extnoc.com, a Network Operations Center or NOC (pronounced as “knock”) is a centralized location where a company and their staff can provide supervision 24 hours a day to help monitor and manage a company’s services, databases, external services, firewalls, and network. II. It is where...

18 Jan

Options for Outsourcing: Telesales, Lead Generation & Survey

Starting up a new business is quite demanding. It requires massive time, effort, skills and of course, money. Owners will also encounter challenging decisions when it comes to managing the different areas especially when the business starts operating. In most cases, business owners opt to handle tasks internally, hire...

17 Nov

The Different Types of Firewall Explained

It is in the 1960s when the internet is first introduced to the world. Since then, it has brought dramatic changes in our daily lives. With the entertainment it brings at home and the convenience it lets us experience at work, surely, the internet deserves a perfect spot on...

19 Oct

Some Psychological Tricks for an Effective Email Newsletter

You might be surprised that with all these Instagram stories, Snapchat tools and Facebook features, email newsletter is still hailed as one of the most effective forms of marketing today. Sure, social media feeds are fun and new, but when we’re talking about power and hard conversions, we can...

21 Jul

Website Marketing 101: Definition and its Importance

In this era, having a website for your business is a must. It is a great way of putting your business in a platform where there is a sure audience. But that should not stop there. It requires a good marketing strategy to fully utilize the power and the...

16 Jul

Twitter Marketing: Tips on Establishing Brand Through Twitter

Twitter is known for its micro-blogging capabilities. In just 280 characters, the 330 million active users of this platform can deliver their message, news, promotion and even their own personal thoughts through Tweets. But with the limit of message and media that can be posted on this popular social...

13 Jul

Establishing LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

With over 500 million professional profiles floating across the platform, there is a need for an effective strategy to capture a particular set of audience. This quantity, no matter how huge it is, would still choose to scroll down through their timeline if the strategist toned down their game....

01 Jul

Remote Working as the “New Normal”

To continue their day-to-day operations, businesses and private sectors enforced work-from-home arrangements for their employees.

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