20 Jan

Virtual Assistant in the Philippines: What They Can Do For You

Now that you’ve sought help for your tasks and functions because you realized you were wearing too many hats, the question will now be what tasks can you usually hand down to your Virtual Assistant in the Philippines?

09 Jan

REMOTE STAFFING: The Truth Behind Myths

Remote staffing/working has earned an ample amount of opinions and preconceived notions of people outside. Sure, you already have a picture in your head when you hear remote working/staffing.

06 Jan

Exploring Offshoring and Expansion

Penetrating the global market may seem idealistic for starting businesses. Talk about the costs of expanding operations in another country with different laws and cultures.

19 Dec

Why Digital Marketing Is Now Better Than Traditional Media

Since the upsurge of digitalization of information and business, most people depend almost all of their activities online. And marketers take note of it. They have to be in a place where the audience is for their strategies to work.

16 Dec

The Life of a Remote Staff Worker

Survey says that 85% of remote workers choose to be one for reasons of increased productivity, greater autonomy, and flexibility.

06 Dec

Business Case for Remote Staffing

Remote Staffing or Offshoring has gained a lot of significance in recent times, with more companies open to having remote teams working exclusively for them.

14 Nov

What Should You Look For When Hiring A Virtual Assistant In The Philippines

A Virtual Assistant is a person who offers assistance services from a remote location. It’s like having a secretary or personal assistant but only virtually present.

07 Nov

Facts About Back Office Support

Back Office Support is a section of a company that handles different roles not directly related to customers. They work behind for the customer support to be more efficient and effective in providing service.

08 Oct

Human Dependence on Mobile Applications

A decade ago, two giant technology companies Google and Apple started releasing apps with the goal of making every human life easier. Since then, the lifestyle of the current generation is changed forever.

25 Sep

The Potential of Digital Marketing in the Philippines

As Filipinos retain their spot on the internet as the top one social media users in the world in 2019, is a steady rise in the potential of online and digital marketing in the country.

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