26 Mar

How to Build a Team in the Philippines While Being Based in Canada

Canada is about 7,000 miles away from the Philippines and building a team in the Philippines while you are in the Great White North can be a daunting challenge.

25 Mar

How to Build a Team in the Philippines While Being Based in Singapore

To be able to achieve business growth, you need to leverage the skills and resources of other companies. This ensures that the work is done right and that the money you invest produces positive results.

21 Mar

Steps on How to Build a Team in the Philippines While Being Based in Australia

Building your customer service team in the Philippines is an exciting and fruitful journey. As the BPO capital of the world, the Philippines is the primary choice of small and large companies to set up their customer service verticals.

01 Mar

How to build a team in the Philippines while being based in USA

Building a remote team in the Philippines from the US has benefits and challenges. From the spearheading experiences of pioneer startups, many businesses soon followed.

28 Feb

Serviced Offices in the Philippines

Office space is paramount to realizing the maximum potential of a business concept in the real world. Traditionally, this would have involved sourcing a viable property. Leasehold option used to be the only option.

27 Feb

Virtual Teams And Offices in Philippines

The cost of securing and setting an office is relatively high for startups and small businesses. Location is very important in attracting the right clients. Accessibility, security and presentability are major considerations.

26 Feb

Types of BPO’s operating from Philippines

The Philippine Information Technology Business Process Management (IT-BPM) industry is a thriving in the Philippines, not only has it contributed to the annual national GDP but also gave employment to over half a million Filipinos and the number continually rises.

26 Feb

The Rise of Omni Channel Contact Centers

Omnichannel is one of the six digital strategies Filipino companies had been pursuing in the last three years. The Philippines has caught on to omnichannel marketing, also call “retail of the future” and the “Bricks and Clicks” business model, Filipino consumers now enjoy shopping online or in physical, brick...

23 Feb

SME’s changing Outlook Towards Outsourcing

Cost reduction and foreign exchange rate are key selling points outsourcing vendors use in closing deals with outsourcers. SMEs like big businesses see the promising possibilities that come with outsourcing.

22 Feb

Why SMEs need Telesales & Appointment Setting?

In recent years, the BPO business model appealed not only to startup companies and conglomerates but also to small and medium scale enterprises (SME).

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