09 Oct

Seat Leasing vs. Managed Operations (or Co-Sourcing)

As per article dated October 2, 2017 in Nikkei Asian Review, Philippines accounted for 12.6 % share in the global outsourcing market in 2016 and recorded revenues of US$ 23 Bn with direct employment to 1.3 million people.

20 Apr

Changing the (Sales) Conversation – One Car Ride at a Time

It was just another hectic sales prospecting trip for me into the German industrial heartland. As I hurriedly walked towards the taxi rank post arrival at Frankfurt, little did I know that I was about to be propositioned for a cab ride like I had never taken before.

20 Apr

From Grit to Great: Lessons from the Sales Frontline

I don’t consider myself a coffee snob. I don’t particularly live my fantasies via coffee. I am quite happy with my plebeian Starbucks albeit with an extra shot of Kenya medium (Note: That’s not snobbish surely.

14 Mar

Why CPA’s & Accountants Should Consider Outsourcing a Part of Accounting Services?

Businesses are changing and with these changes are making a strong case for service providers to have a relook at its delivery strategy. This phenomenon is also impacting the practice of CPA’s and accountants and opening a new era of opportunities.

09 Mar

Biggest BPO’s in the Philippines

The outsourcing industry in Philippines currently employs 1.3 Million personnel. The industry is poised to reach out to over 3 Million at the current growth rates. Taking a conservative view, we can peg the annual growth at 15%. There are many players in Philippines and the list below is...

27 Feb

Types of BPO’s in Philippines

On a high level, the outsourcing industry is the single largest organized employer in the Philippines and is estimated to provide employment to 1.3 million workers as per 2016 figures. The World Bank and other industry experts forecasted a continuing bright future for the industry, with earnings projections that...

21 Feb

Options for Setting up a Call Center in the Philippines

The businesses are competitive in free markets and this is exactly the fact that delivers value to the customers. The main customer of the Philippines outsourcing industry are the companies from the countries such as North America, Europe and Australia. All these economies are well governed markets with good...

16 Feb

Data Entry Services

Businessmen & entrepreneurs may find it extremely tedious and challenging to maintain data and keep a proper track record of the same. Sometimes to avoid fixed cost on manpower may not allow them the luxury to hire in-house employees to handle that job. In such cases, either they do...

10 Feb

Why & How to setup a Call Center or Outsource?

If you are racking your brains as to how to set up or outsource your call-center saving both on time and productive resources. We must explore a number of options so that we can establish clear reasons why we need to outsource call centers in the first place. Though...

31 Jan

Philippines Business Process Outsourcing Industry Riding On Inherent Advantages

With the advent of globalization, our world today has become borderless. It is ‘borderless’, in a sense, because freer flow of goods and services is now evident practically in all parts of the world. This global configuration that we have as of the moment was mainly brought about by...

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