09 Mar

Biggest BPO’s in the Philippines

The outsourcing industry in Philippines currently employs 1.3 Million personnel. The industry is poised to reach out to over 3 Million at the current growth rates. Taking a conservative view, we can peg the annual growth at 15%.

There are many players in Philippines and the list below is a non-exhaustive list of the largest BPO’s in the Philippines, with approximate team size in 2016. For outsourcing needs, you can avail services from any of these companies or from Asiatel Outsourcing based on your requirements


Some Leading BPO’s in the Philippines

S.No BPO Name Head Count
1 HGS 6000
2 WNS 3000
3 Accenture 20000
4 Convergys 60000
5 Cognizant 4000
6 Concentrix 8000
7 Dell 4000
8 EXL 5000
9 Teleperformance 14000
10 Alorica 2000

Other than the professional outsourcing companies, there are many captive BPO’s set up by multinational companies to take care of their outsourcing needs. Some of the important captives operating in Philippines are mentioned below:


Some Leading BPO’s in the Philippines
S.No BPO Name Head Count
1 HSBC 10000
2 JP Morgan 10000
3 Citibank 15000
4 Wells Fargo 5000
5 Maersk 5000
6 United Healthcare 10000

The data is collected from secondary sources through market interactions


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