26 Jul

The Rise of Creative Process Outsourcing in the Philippines

With its large pool of skilled manpower, lower operational cost and outstanding Filipino work ethics and values. Truly, Philippines is now one of the top choices for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

16 Jul

Reasons to Consider Working in a Call Center

Most of us think that working in a call center is a tiring, tedious job, receiving load of calls, handling customers of different mood and attitude. But still, most Filipinos opt to be part of the said industry and here are only few of the absolute reasons:

06 Jul

Philippines as Asia’s Outsourcing Powerhouse

Today, Philippines as Asia's Outsourcing is continuously expanding, contributing to its economy in a big way. Among other countries, Philippines has now taken the lead and been ranked as the topmost choice for Business Process Outsourcing all over the world. Listed below are few things Philippines has to...

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